MMHP’s soup recipes are based on authentic Sichuan hotpot cuisine from the era of the Republic of China. Since the company’s establishment, we have adhered to the philosophy “Quality Assured by the Use of Premium Ingredients” and have endeavoured to cultivate Sichuan hotpot cuisine in order to promote and introduce it internationally to countries with a sizable Muslim population, such as Southeast Asia and Middle East countries.

Over the past century, the implementation of this secret formula has provided consumers with authentic and unique soup bases, fresh and nutritious ingredients, as well as innovative delicacies developed over the years.

The spirit and competence of this historical craftsmanship have enabled the MMHP’s special formula to flourish in the Chinese market and grow rapidly in Xinjiang Province, receiving accolades from Muslim customers and the general public.

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Potential Source Of Sales

  • MMHP provides SKU products for sale.
  • Different potential sales channels from competitors.
  • A unique ready-to-eat food product where a wide range of items are available for Halal consumers to choose from.
  • Fast preparation, reasonable price and safe for consumption.
  • High quality standards in manufacturing the product, which is only released to the market after undergoing all safety checks.
  • Unlike other fast food, MMHP SKU products are health and delicious.

MMHP Outlets Design & Concept

Architectural and design styles that incorporate modern Islamic cultural aspects in China and demonstrate the beauty of simplicity where such designs feature a prominent collection of traditional concrete structures.

The brand colours of “red, gold, and black” were integrated spectacularly.

Using soft colour lamps to create a warm and cosy dining environment, focusing on each component to accentuate its beauty, delicateness, and originality, and;

Providing courteous service to customers to enhance overall dining experience.

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